Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Central London, Lambeth North (SE1) and zones 1-5

I feel that the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is the most effective massage technique that I have come across. It starts with a deep tissue massage to warm up using the organic natural oil and powder that increases the circulation of blood and soften the muscles and fascia, and then deepen the treatment with yoga stretches. What really makes a difference is that instead of clients actively moving through yoga asanas, they are on the floor and I work to make them open up and release tension through massaging and stretches, following the rhythm of their breath.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage creates a special flow of energy and releases the blockages that we are holding in this stressful life style.

Being a professional yoga teacher, I can see the great benefits of combining the regular yoga practice and AYM. My experience with AYM also helps me to better adjust my students during my classes.

This is a highly therapeutic method and it creates the opportunity to experience the letting go of what we are holding within our body.

Prices: £60 for 60 min, £90 for 90 min (complete full body massage), £60 per hour for 120 min or more (Full body massage with deep focus on specific areas).

A charge (maximum £10) may be added according to travel expenses for home treatments.

Concessions available.

You can contact me on 07908202356 and [email protected] www.risingyogalondon.com


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